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Talesfromthedarkside Wiki is a collaborative online encyclopedia website dedicated to documenting the legendary television show, Tales from The Darkside. This wiki includes detailed information about the episodes, characters, monsters, spin-offs, filmmakers, merchandise, and all of the locations the episodes take place at. Anybody can edit almost anything on the wiki (as long as its helpful), so we can all work together to get this thing running for all of the Tales From The Darkside fans! Because this is a growing Wiki, any help detailing and expanding articles will not go unappreciated. Check out the FAQ to help you get started!

Inside the closet

Creature from episode "inside the closet"

Tales from the Darkside WikiEdit

This wiki is all about Tales From The Darkside and anything related to it. You can help out, and edit some pages and make new ones. This Wiki will tell anything you want to know about Tales From The Darkside, and if you notice a fact that isn't on this wiki, fix it! 

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